Indigenous Staffing

WolfTrek Corp. believes that Indigenous people deserves every opportunity to begin and grow on a rewarding career path.  We pride ourselves on supporting our employees with job experience, career planning, and training. 

We work with partners, and Indigenous Groups to identify career and employment opportunities for Indigenous people. Our focus on sourcing talent, first and foremost, from regional Indigenous communities means staffing through WolfTrek Corp. supports economic opportunity and creates sustainability in the Communities in which we operate.

WolfTrek Corp. also help supports Indigenous candidates navigate barriers, remove obstacles, and identify job opportunities, offer rewarding careers, assist in training, and provide ongoing career path support to our employees and clients. We make sure our employees have everything they need for success on job sites and make sure clients requests are met.  We ensure our employees have the foundation required to deliver quality work and services for our clients every need.


Our Commitment to Indigenous Communities

  • Support and guidance in establishing goals towards health and wellness, employment, and training
  • Leadership in the process of collaborative
  • Preservation of cultural and traditional
  • Social sovereignty and economic sustainability for the First Nations to facilitate employment


Indigenous Employment Initiatives

  • Identify and provide quality career opportunities with great companies.
  • Provide Nations and their communities with a portal to easily apply to positions that are available in the region.
  • Facilitate with Nation HR and employment representatives.
  • Attend Nation job fairs and events to ensure we are attracting candidates from the regional Nations to fulfill potential job openings.
  • Evaluate each candidate to determine their skills and abilities and match them to the right job.
  • Provide industry and companies with cultural awareness and sensitivity training to ensure supervisors understand the culture, awareness, and understanding for successfully integrating an Indigenous workforce within the company.
  • Assist employees with job specific training as well as
  • Provide employees with access to counselling services when needed.

For more information, please reach out to the WolfTrek Corp. Team at [email protected]